Internal sewage system

The internal sewage system is made of polypropylene. In our offer, we have products of diameter between 50 and 160 mm. All the products fulfill the requirements of the norm PN-EN 1451 what is attested in the Declaration of Conformity that we issue.

Product specifications

Product specifications

Polypropylene (PP)


Ø 50, 75, 110, 160 mm



Method of assemble

Via pipe socker


T-pipe fittings, elbow fittings, four-port fittings, reduction fittings, sleeves, perforated fitting pipes, caps, vents, airers

Pipe length (mm)

250, 315, 500, 1000, 2000, 3000, 4000, 6000


High shock strength, heat resistance (up to 95 degrees), resistance to alkalis and salts, good hydraulic parameters, durability of the installation, impermaebility and permanency of fittings.