Drainage pipes

The company “Agro-Dren” offers you drainage pipes made of PVC. They are used in drainage installations in underground, garden and landscape constructions, as well as in the agricultural areas and in sandy areas in various geological conditions.

Drainage pipes without lagging can be used for drying of coarse-grained and sandy areas with the use of filtration layer around the tubes.

Drainage pipes with a filter of polypropylene fiber made of PVC, wrapped with a filter of 3 mm of thickness, can be used in any type of ground and in drainage systems for drainage and foundation. Connection of drainage pipes is done with the use of typical drainage fittings .

Product specifications



Pipe diameter without lagging

Ø 50, 80, 100, 125, 160 mm

Pipe diameter with a filter made of PP

Ø 80, 100 mm

Number of openings

Drainage pipe Ø 100 – 420 openings on 1 mb., in six rows
Drainage pipe Ø 80 – 540 openings on 1 mb., in six rows
Drainage pipe Ø 50 – 540 openings on 1 mb., in six rows

Filtration method

Fricative cuts between the notch of width 1,2 mm and length 16 do 19 mm.


Rollers of 50 mb.


High resistance to mechanical damage
Can be connected to public drainage systems
Easy assembly
Completely equipped